The History

The history of the ROBERT MÜLLER Enterprise Group

On January 4, 1911, Robert Müller, born in 1877 in Nienburg an der Saale, founded his company as a ship procurer (ship charterer) in Hamburg. In the following years, the ROBERT MÜLLER company began trading, preferably with stones for water and road construction. These activities are followed by the development of an important salt trading business.

After building up his own fleet of ships, which went down during the Second World War or had to be ceded to the Soviet Union as reparations after the end of the war, the new owner Johann Hahne ensured the successful continuation of the company. He expands the company, builds a new fleet of ships, which will later be sold again and, in addition to the shipping business, continues to expand trading activities.

After extensive restructuring at the beginning of the new century, which primarily focused on the core business of the corporate group, the current form of the corporate group was created under the leadership of managing partner Michael Hahne (see trade and logistics).


Our History


Robert Müller, born on July 11, 1877 in Nienburg an der Saale, founded his Hamburg shipbroking company on January 4, 1911.

Expansion of the fleet

Delivery of the first own ocean-going ship “m / v Robert Müller 6”

First transport of FGD gypsum

320,000 tons of gypsum were shipped to England.


ROBERT MÜLLER became a shipowner

Delivery of the first three own inland vessels “m / v Robert Müller 1, 2, 3”

New partners, new structure

Mr. Johann Hahne becomes a personally liable partner at Robert Müller.

100 years of ROBERT MÜLLER

Robert Müller Group turns 100 years old and is still until today privately owned. Chairman of the Board is Michael Hahne, Managing Partner Stefan Kummerfeldt (Logistik/Shipping), Managing Partner Alexander Wandschneider (Trading).